1) What kind of items do you sell?
Chaucer Auctions have sold hundreds of thousands of collectables. We mainly sell autographs and first day covers, but we have successfully auctioned many other collectables such as aircraft relics, stamps, coins, matchboxes, magazines, rare books, prints, paintings and even moon dust!

2) What is my item worth?
We offer a completely free valuation service, based on current collectable market trends, condition and previous similar examples. All you need to do is send us a decent scan or digital photograph. With over fifteen years in the autograph business, we have gathered knowledge and experience in valuing items.

3) Ok, but what will it fetch in an auction?
Again, we base our estimation on previous auction results. We are more than happy to give you an idea of the estimate we would place on an item, but we are also happy to be guided by you. These are your treasured posessions after all! If you have a minimum price in mind that you are happy for an item to fetch, let us know. If not, we can give you an estimate. Remember, there is absolutely no obligation to sell if you are unhappy with our estimation.

4) Let’s cut to the chase. What are your fees?
Our standard charge is 18.5% plus V.A.T. (22.2%) of the hammer price (i.e. the price your item fetches at auction). This includes us preparing the image(s), describing the item(s) and putting them into our catalogue. There are no individual lot charges. We can auction single items or collections consisting of hundreds of items. We pay you thirty days after the auction.

5) Ok, so I want to go ahead. What do I do now?
Your best plan is to email us here or telephone us on 0800 1701314. Let us know what you have to sell, be as descriptive as possible, and if you have an idea of how much you are looking to get for it, let us know. We will let you know when our next auction is, and whether your item is suitable.
When we have mutually agreed an estimate with you, we will either need a good quality scan/photograph of the item in question, or you can send it to us. Our address is Chaucer Auctions, Webster House, 24 Jesmond Street, Folkestone, Kent. CT19 5QW. Remember to send items well packaged to prevent them being bent by the postie, and by recorded/special delivery with proof of postage. When we have processed your item into our next auction, we can email you a link to the auction listing so you can have a look for yourself. We can then make any adjustments to the catalog listing up to the day of the auction.

6) Yay! My item sold. What happens now?
It takes us a day or two to process an auction. We invoice all the winning bidders to let them know what they have won. We will approach you within a day or two to arrange for you to send the item to us (if you haven’t already). We can then send it to the winning bidder. We will then calculate the amount you will receive, less our charges. Payment will be settled with you thirty days after the auction. We can pay you by cheque, PayPal or by direct bank transfer…. it’s up to you.


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